Highly skilled craftsmen at work
unrivalled excellence and quality


At Crownmead Homes, every home is meticulously designed from initial concept planning through to the realisation of an unique home of unrivalled excellence and quality. Our inspired team of experienced professionals continually challenge what is possible, combining modern design and classical proportions that together are key to maintaining the exclusivity of the Crownmead Homes brand.



At Crownmead Homes every new project undergoes a detailed evaluation by our highly skilled design team, involving several stages of concept design before the ideal balance of style and substance is achieved.

Every element of the build goes through the same methodical process until a final theme is agreed. The Architecture, fixtures and finishes landscaping all integral in creating a truly unique experience.


The design and planning phase is the most crucial aspect, taking the concept house and creating a true Crownmead home. 

The concept is rigourously assessed to ensure that it meets its designed purpose in terms of practicality, quality and aesthetic.

Our uncompromising approach ensures every detail is impeccably crafted and integrated without exception.

Interior Design

Enter a Crownmead home and you are welcomed by beautiful interiors and elegant architectural design.

Crownmead homes stand for style, for elegance, providing the very finest in luxury living, bringing together the very best materials from around the world to perfectly enhance each home environment.


In order to hold true to the design team’s concept and to maintain absolute quality, construction of all Crownmead homes are completely controlled by our internal team.  The same team of professionals involved from the first concept phase, remain with the project through to handover.

Our highly skilled craftsmen work tirelessly to ensure the initial vision becomes a reality without compromise. 

Highly skilled craftsmen at work